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Today brings clear skies in Tahoe; and National Weather Service is hinting that our part of the Sierra Nevada might experience a couple of clear days this weekend.

The past week has reminded us of how fortunate we are.  In Tahoe, there have been days with smoke; but then, we've not had to evacuate.  We've not had the Herculean task of combating flames for days on end.  And, when we have a day of clear skies, we go for it.  For reasons too numerous to list, we are indeed fortunate. With today's clear skies, we are reminded to enjoy and appreciate Tahoe's beauty and endless outdoor activities. So get out there!

 Wherever you may be!  We bumped into lots of people embracing the Carpe Diem attitude today.  What will you do with your clear-sky day?  

North Lake Tahoe

Tahoe - 8/29/13