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Bethany Waiwaiole, Operations Field Supervisor

Bethany Waiwaiole

Bethany moved to Tahoe in May of 2014 for an internship with the Tahoe City Parks & Recreation Department after graduating from North Dakota University with a degree in Sports & Recreation Management. When her internship ended, we were thrilled to scoop her up! As part of the Field Supervisor, Bethany oversees the Field Operations team and cleaners to ensure each home is in perfect condition upon your arrival.

Your perfect Tahoe summer day? Boating on the lake with good drinks and great company!

If it snows 2 feet overnight, what is your ideal way to spend the day? Snow hike and snowboarding

Favorite Tahoe trail? Flume Trail

Favorite Tahoe beach? Sand Harbor

What was your first concert? Nelly Furtado

What is your dream vacation? Backpack across Europe

What is your motto?  Never stop growing and following Jesus