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Matt Wilcox, Luxury Property Specialist

Matt Wilcox

Since 2012, Matt has been helping guests find the perfect home to rent. Hailing from Michigan via Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Matt is no stranger to mountain towns. His goal is to help make your trip filled with lifelong memories and ensure you experience exceeds all of your expectations. When he's not at work, you'll find Matt making fresh powder turns or boating, wakesurfing, and beach hopping the east shore.

Favorite Tahoe trail? Flume Trail

Favorite Tahoe beach? Whale Beach (and this guy is THE beach expert!)

First Concert? Jimmy Buffet

Dream Vacation? Getting my bareboat sailing certification in the British Virgin Islands

What is the next toy on your purchase list? New mountain bike

Favorite celebrity? I don’t follow celebrities – I think my own life is much more interesting 

Motto? Live in the present moment