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Tahoe Life

North Lake Tahoe's holiday season is headed for "Best Christmas and New Year's Ever" status. How do we know? Here's the list of top indicators:

1.  Tahoe will receive 3 to 5 feet of new snow during the next few days.

2.  The one-and-only KT-22 Chair Lift at Squaw Valley opened today.

3.  Homewood Mountain Resort will open to the summit this Thursday, Dec. 20.

4.  Our gorgeous rental, Halcyon House, is the perfect ski cabin near Homewood.

5.  Santa is set to ski at Homewood during the holidays.

6.  We're so lucky to be able to visit, play at, and live at, Lake Tahoe.

7.  Family and friends are with you for not just the holidays; but every day.

8.  Shaun White is at Northstar, CA hosting Northstar's 40th Birthday Bash.

9.  Tahoe Luxury Properties is slowly-but-surely figuring out its G+ page.

10.Happiness cannot be bought; but it can be lived in.  Live in happiness.