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Congratulations on your new Lake Tahoe home! Let's get you settled in so that you can relax and enjoy your stunning surroundings.

Below you will find links for each area that include which vendors provide services to each of the towns around Lake Tahoe & Truckee. Additionally, we have included some useful links for government agencies and other resources to help familiarize you with your new community.

Once you have your utilities set up, take some time to explore our activity guide, including where and when to find the farmers' markets, a collection of our museums and historical tours to learn the history of Lake Tahoe and Truckee, the differences between 14 golf courses, our favorite restaurants, and all the spots to enjoy Tahoe sports year round. We also highlight Tahoe's signature events and keep an updated event calendar, so that you can live like a local. Follow our blog, and you'll find local recommendations from our staff, plus real estate insights so that you can stay apprised of current real estate trends and market conditions.

And, of course, if there is anything you can't find, we are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. Welcome to Lake Tahoe!