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TLUXP Updates

Is there a better way to commemorate a fabulous Tahoe summer than to sail around Lake Tahoe at sunset? The TLUXP crew, with family and friends, had a blast on the Sierra Cloud catamaran on Friday. The Sierra Cloud is a 55ft boat that can hold up to 49 people, available for charters out of the Hyatt Resort in Incline Village. The crew was amazing, very friendly, and everything from hors d'oeuvres to desert, plus beer and wine, was just perfect. Now, with summer winding down, Tahoe is a little quieter, and the weather is a little cooler. For many, this is their favorite time of year. Time to take the hikes you didn't get around to in July and August, or the mountain bike ride you skipped when it was too hot, and we even get some nice foliage before the snow falls!   ~Neil