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Tahoe Life

If you were in Tahoe this past weekend you could not have missed the Tour de Tahoe on Sunday. 

Over 1800 cyclists took part in a ride around the whole lake, including three of our very own TLUXP staff - Kel Helgans, Stefanie Folk, and Neil Subhash.  Our day started at 4:30am, and with coffee in hand we watched the sunrise as we drove down to South Lake Tahoe for the start of the race. With three other friends, including Kel's husband, Aaron, and two professional weekend warriors (Louisa and Jim), our race began at 7:00am, making for six very cold cyclists! The race is organized by Bike the West, and they do quite a job.  

There were numerous rest stops along the 72-mile route, all with refreshments and great food. Overall it was a fun atmosphere, ride your bike all day with friends and make new ones along the way. Keep it on your calendar for next year, we'll see you there!     ~Neil