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Tahoe's traditional lakefront sales season in real estate is the summer season. As summer wanes, sellers typically become more flexible with prices as they are faced with the prospect of carrying the home until the following summer. The expectation is that economy and real estate market will improve for the next lakefront selling season in summer 2010. Therefore, the timing to hit the bottom may be upon us. I expect the best opportunity to secure a great deal on a Tahoe lakefront property will be this fall. I think some good lakefront opportunities remain. The selection of top-tier lakefront properties remains strong, buyer demand is weak. My gut still says that next year is going to be a better market for sellers, and thus some of your negotiating power may be weakened. For sure, there will still be an excess of inventory next summer - but sellers may be in an emboldened position if their financial status has stabilized.

-Bill Dietz, Principal Broker