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Andrea Degliantoni

Having grown up just down the hill in Nevada City, CA and then moving to Tahoe at the age of 19, Andrea is deeply familiar with the area and all things local. As a former business owner and with a background in accounting, Andrea has a sharp attention to detail and an aptitude with numbers. She joined the TLUXP family in 2022 and loves working with our guests and homeowners to ensure all processes have been completed and our homes are ready for your stay. When she's not out on the beach or on the trails, you'll find her enjoying life at home with her two amazing kids.

Your perfect Tahoe summer day? On the beach with my feet in the sand

If it snows 2 feet overnight, what is your ideal way to spend the day? Baking and cooking

Favorite Tahoe trail? Meeks Bay Trail

Favorite Tahoe beach? Sand Harbor  

What was your first concert? Steve Miller Band

What is your dream vacation? Costa Rica

What is your motto? Do to others as you wish them to do to you