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Lake Tahoe is renowned not only for its stunning natural beauty but also for its vibrant event calendar that promises fun and festivity for everyone. From thrilling sports events to cultural festivals and culinary delights, Tahoe's summer schedule is packed with activities that cater to all tastes. Here, we highlight our favorite events taking place around Lake Tahoe this summer.

May Events

32nd Annual Cushing Crossing at Palisades Tahoe - May 4th

Kick off the summer with the thrilling 32nd Annual Cushing Crossing. This iconic event is considered one of the best spring events in Tahoe, where participants skim across Cushing Pond on skis, snowboards, or any floating device they can muster. It’s a spectacle of creativity and courage and a must-see for any Tahoe visitor.

Made in Tahoe Festival at Palisades Tahoe - May 25th-26th

Celebrate local artists, musicians, and craftsmen at the Made in Tahoe Festival located at the beautiful Palisades Tahoe. This event explores the best of Tahoe’s talents, offering visitors a chance to experience authentic products, food, and art. It’s a perfect outing for families and anyone interested in the local culture.

June Events

Tahoe City Food & Wine Classic - June 8th

Experience the tastes of Tahoe at the Tahoe City Food & Wine Classic. This event stretches along the scenic lakefront and features an array of exquisite wines paired with local gourmet bites. A perfect event for foodies and wine enthusiasts looking to savor flavors from the best regional vineyards and kitchens.

Northstar California Bike Park Opening Day - June 14th

Gear up for the summer riding season at Northstar California Bike Park. Known for its extensive network of trails and jumps, the bike park’s opening day is a celebration of mountain biking. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s a trail just waiting to be explored.

August Events

Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance at Obexer's Marina - August 9th-10th

Immerse yourself in the world of classic boats at the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance. This prestigious event showcases some of the most well-preserved and restored wooden boats, offering a glimpse into the luxurious maritime history of Lake Tahoe.

Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest at Palisades Tahoe- August 17th

Let the good times roll at the Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest. Situated in the heart of Olympic Valley, this event features some of the best jazz and funk bands from around the country, paired with a wide selection of brews from exceptional craft breweries. It’s a perfect blend of music, community, and great beers.

September and October Events

Alpen Wine Fest at Palisades Tahoe - September 1st

Enjoy the serene Alpine atmosphere while sampling wines from over 40 vineyards at the Alpen Wine Fest. This charitable event includes wine tasting, live music, and silent auctions—all set against the stunning backdrop of Palisades Tahoe.

21st Annual Truckee Wine Walk & Shop - October 5th

Wrap up your summer with the 21st Annual Truckee Wine Walk & Shop. This beloved event allows you to stroll through the historic Truckee downtown while enjoying fine wines and local food samples. It’s a wonderful opportunity to shop, dine, and experience the charm of Truckee.

Book Your Stay and Experience Tahoe with Us!

Tahoe’s summer events are a wonderful way to experience the diverse culture and vibrant community spirit of the area. Each event offers something unique, and we encourage you to participate in these community gatherings. Whether it’s enjoying fine wine, listening to great music, or witnessing daring pond skimming, Lake Tahoe’s summer calendar has events that will create lasting memories. Plan your visit to coincide with these special occasions and experience Tahoe at its best!