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In October 2018, the TRPA Governing Board approved a new Shoreline Plan for Lake Tahoe. The Shoreline Plan lifts a longstanding moratorium on new shorezone structures at Lake Tahoe, setting caps and regulations for new shorezone structures such as piers, moorings, and public boat ramps. This means that new piers and moorings are being approved, based on an application process. The Shoreline Plan allows for a maximum of 10 new public piers and 128 new private piers. Up to 12 new private piers may be permitted every two years with any remaining balance rolling over to subsequent years.

2023 Pier Lottery Results

Single Parcel Pier 2023 Allocation Recipients

During this pier allocation period, TRPA allocated three single-parcel piers. TRPA performed a random drawing of the 54 eligible proposals based on the code, which resulted in awarding three single-parcel pier applications the opportunity to submit a complete New Pier Application to TRPA. The projects which may continue to submit a full application by January 20, 2024 are listed below:

  • 1740 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, CA (APN: 094-160-012)
  • 1468 Pittman Road, Zephyr Cove, NV (APN: 1418-27-210-005)
  • 3852 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay, CA (APN: 092-100-030)

Multiple Parcel Pier 2023 Allocation Recipients

During this pier allocation period (2023-2024), TRPA may allocate nine multiple-parcel piers. TRPA reviewed the submitted proposals based on the prioritization criteria in the code, which resulted in awarding two multiple-parcel pier applications the opportunity to submit a complete New Pier Application to TRPA. There were 21 projects tied for the 3rd through 9th multiple-parcel pier allocations, which was decided by a random drawing on July 19, 2023. The projects which may continue to submit a full application by January 19, 2024 are listed below:

  • 1264 & 1266 Tamarack Drive and 171 Pine Point Drive, Glenbrook, NV (APNs: 1418-34-210-019, 1418-34-210-020, & 1418-34-210-031)
  • 6061 & 6350 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay & Tahoe Vista, CA (APNs: 117-020-006, 117-060-016 & 117-060-018)
  • 1920 & 1950 West Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, CA (APNs: 084-140-022 & 084-140-023)
  • 565 Lakeshore Boulevard and Vacant Land, Incline Village, NV (APNs: 122-100-14 & 122-100-15)
  • 4860 & 4880 West Lake Boulevard, Homewood, CA (APNs: 097-084-018 & 097-084-020)
  • 3350 & 3356 Edgewater Drive, Tahoe City, CA (APNs: 093-083-040 & 093-083-041)
  • 1232 &1228 Highway 50, Glenbrook, NV (APNs: 1418-34-201-002 & 1418-34-201-003)
  • 1860 & 1850 Highway 50, Glenbrook, NV (APNs: 1418-15-201-006 & 1418-15-601-003)
  • 5050 & 5046 West Lake Boulevard, Homewood, CA (APNs: 097-122-018 & 097-122-026)

New Pier Applications

 The Shoreline Plan prioritizes multiple-use private piers that serve two or more property owners. Of the 128 additional private piers, no more than 20 percent (25 piers) may be single parcel piers. Table 2 shows the number of private piers released each year under the plan. Public piers may be permitted on a first come, first serve basis.

pier allocations

If fewer than 12 additional piers are permitted in a given two-year period, remaining piers from that two-year period will be available during the subsequent two-year period. Following the initial 16-year period shown in Table 2, TRPA may permit three additional multiple-use piers for every eight littoral parcels that retire future pier development potential through a deed restriction, up to the 128 total private pier cap.

Private pier eligibility is based on a variety of parcel characteristics including location, setbacks, and deed restrictions as set forth in proposed Code Section 84.4.2. New piers are prohibited within 200 feet of stream inlets. In most cases, applications for multiple-use private piers will be prioritized over singleparcel private piers. TRPA will permit the additional 128 private piers according to geographic divisions and the location of Visually Sensitive Areas. Only multiple-parcel piers are allowed in Visually Sensitive Areas, the total number of which is shown in Table 3.

pier allocations

See past allocations here.