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While it is widely known that the Lake Tahoe real estate market is slower during winter, there are several factors that create opportunities for winter buyers and sellers. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Tahoe area, it is prudent to consider these market factors.

Advantages for Winter Buyers:

  • You will witness how the home stands the test of snow and winter weather. How does the roof hold or shed snow? Are there leaks or water intrusions present? Is the driveway difficult to navigate in snow - is it steep, north-facing, or does it have tight curves? Does snow and/or the home's orientation severely inhibit natural light in the home? Is the neighborhood well-plowed? What is drive-time like to your favorite resorts? 
  • Unsold listings that remain on the market from the summer season can present value opportunities. As days on market tick up on listings and buyers become more scarce in the winter, sellers may become more negotiable. Buyer competition increases as summer months near.
  • If the home is a remodel candidate, planning and construction can occur in the winter and spring making the home ready for the summer season.

Advantages for Winter Sellers:

  • A good winter, such as the one we are having, can bring great buyer enthusiasm. There is nothing like great skiing on a deep snowpack to motivate buyers. The promise of a full lake and flowing rivers can add to buyer confidence.
  • Lean supply can allow your home to stand out in the field. For example, there are only 13 lakefronts on the market (North and West Shores, CA) as of 2/22/17; whereas, peak summer lakefront inventory usually hovers between 25-35 listings.
  • Conventional wisdom dictates sellers should list sometime in late spring and be on the market by Memorial Day. This creates a flood of new listings to the market. Going against the conventional stream can create a competitive advantage for sellers.

Buying and selling in the winter can create its challenges for buyers and sellers too. Snow on the ground and roof can hinder a buyer's thorough inspection of the property. Moving during winter months can be onerous for both buyers and sellers.

The Tahoe real estate market is active year-round. 158 properties have sold year-to-date (as of 2/22/17). For the savvy buyer or seller, the winter season can be a great time to take advantage of opportunities that don't exist during other times of year.