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As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on the notable shifts we saw this past year in the Lake Tahoe real estate market. Apart from lakefronts, all micro-regions experienced a modest decline in median prices, ranging between 1% and 9%. This trend marks a gradual cooling phase, with property values normalizing slightly from the record peaks of 2022, yet maintaining or surpassing the median prices seen in 2021. A more pronounced reduction in sales volume, varying between 7% and 31%, mirrors a growing wariness among both buyers and sellers. Several key factors have influenced this landscape: rising mortgage rates and market uncertainty, partly driven by broader economic conditions, have led to a more hesitant approach to real estate transactions, often more pronounced in a vacation home market. With sellers in retreat, the supply of available homes has dropped dramatically. At the end of 2023, there were 165 homes actively listed for sale in the Tahoe Sierra MLS, whereas at the end of 2019, there were 287 homes actively listed for sale. As the market undergoes what can be described as a COVID-induced correction, recalibrating from the atypical trends and elevated demand experienced during the pandemic, we observe a dual phenomenon. On one hand, buyers, perhaps optimistically, await further price reductions, while on the other, opportunistic sellers are capitalizing on the current low supply. These factors combined paint a picture of a market in transition, moving away from the frenzied activity of previous years towards a more balanced, albeit cautious, real estate environment. As we gaze toward the future, all eyes are on interest rates to dictate the performance of the market. With the Fed signaling multiple rate reductions in 2024, we expect the market to respond favorably, and sales activity will rebound. As sales volume picks up, we should see prices reverse the minor slide from 2023.
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View the graphs of sales volume and median price trends by micro-region by clicking the gallery images below.
Source: Tahoe Sierra MLS and Incline Village MLS