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How will the the epic winter of 2016/17 and the promise of a full lake for summer 2017 affect the Tahoe Lakefront market? It is undeniable that there is a positive impact on buyers' perception of lakefront properties when the lake is full, especially in areas where the lake is shallow. Instead of looking at a pier that is high and dry and a shoreline that may be hundreds of feet from the home, buyers are entranced by water lapping up the edge of the property. Conversely, an unusable pier due to low water conditions can be a significant barrier for lakefront sellers.  
Then there is the confidence instilled by a big snow season. Most buyers intend to use their lakefront in all seasons. Knowing that Tahoe can still perform as a top ski destination brings comfort and confidence to lakefront buyers.
A full lake also creates a lack of public beach space available. Buyers seeking stable access to the lake or privacy will seek lakefront homes.
Beyond a full lake and a good winter season, there are many other factors that influence the performance of the Tahoe lakefront real estate market, including the broader economic conditions, mortgage interest rates, inventory of available homes, and stock market performance. Note that interest rates as an indicator has the least amount of influence on the lakefront market, due to the fact that many lakefront homes are purchased with all cash.
Supply of available homes for sale is trending right now as a possible trouble spot for buyers. As of today's date, there are only 14 single family lakefront homes on the market on the California side between Emerald Bay and Brockway (the north & west shores of Lake Tahoe). If inventory remains tight through the summer selling season, this will increase buyer competition and put upward pressure on prices.  
The 2017 summer selling season promises to be active in the Tahoe lakefront segment. A combination of a full lake and lean inventory should create a competitive buying environment and keep prices moving upward. Expect some of the most desirable lakefronts to sell prior to hitting the open market. There is a very active set of buyers right now, waiting for the right opportunity to become available.  
Our command of the lakefront market and access to a wide database of lakefront owners allows Tahoe Luxury Properties to bring opportunities to our buyers that are not available to the general public.