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In the first three quarters of 2023, all micro-regions with the exception of lakefronts continued to show a deep decline in the number of single-family homes sold. In fact, sales volume this year has hit decade lows. Median price has been far less impacted and, in all micro-regions, sits above pricing in 2021. The supply of available homes for sale remains at about half of pre-covid levels, which at least partially explains the retention of values. With a late start to summer, after our historic winter, lakefront sales began to rebound in Q3 but still hover around the lows we saw in 2009, yet median price reached a record high. In Incline Village & Crystal Bay, 14% of single-family homes sold above $5 million. The ongoing discrepancy between the dramatic dip in sales volume compared to the minor movement in median price reminds us that post-covid pricing may be the new normal, despite slow sales. A burst in September real estate activity balanced the sluggish start to the season and is signaling a recovery of unit sales. Now, all eyes are on Q4 as we anticipate this fall momentum will bring a strong finish to the season, equalizing Q1.

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Source: Tahoe Sierra MLS and Incline Village MLS