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The TRPA Governing Board approved a new Shoreline Plan for Lake Tahoe in October 2018. The Shoreline Plan lifts a longstanding moratorium on new shorezone structures at Lake Tahoe, setting caps and regulations for new shorezone structures such as piers, moorings, and public boat ramps. This means that new piers and moorings are being approved, based on an application process. 

New Pier Applications

The Shoreline Plan authorizes up to 128 new private piers over the next 20 years, but allows up to five new single-parcel piers and up to seven new multiple-parcel piers to be permitted during the first two years of the plan. New pier applications will be accepted every two years.

During this pier allocation period (2019-2020), TRPA may allocate seven multiple-parcel piers. TRPA reviewed the submitted proposals based on the prioritization criteria in the code, which resulted in awarding six multiple-parcel pier applications the opportunity to submit a complete New Pier Application to TRPA. There were 23 projects tied for the seventh multiple-parcel pier allocation, which was decided by a random drawing on July 17, 2019.

TRPA File Number Subject APN(s)

  • 887 Lakeshore Boulevard, Incline Village, NV (PREC2019-0545 | 122-181-65)
  • 28 Cala Neva Drive, Crystal Bay, NV (PREC2019-0563 | 123-041-18) 
  • 1048 Skyland Drive, Glenbrook, NV (PREC2019-0567 | 1318-03-110-019) 
  • 3115 West Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, CA (PREC2019-0588 | 085-280-043) 
  • Somers Loop, Crystal Bay, NV (PREC2019-0485 | 123-032-21) 
  • 8780 & 8782 Brockway Vista Avenue, Kings Beach, CA (PREC2019-0489 | 090-231-047 | 090-231-050) 
  • 200 & 184 Rim Drive, Carnelian Bay, CA (PREC2019-0520 } 117-010-014 | 117-010-015) 

During this pier allocation period, TRPA allocated five single-parcel piers. TRPA performed a random drawing of the submitted proposals based on the code, which resulted in awarding five single-parcel pier applications the opportunity to submit a complete New Pier Application to TRPA. The projects which may continue to submit a full application by Jan. 17, 2019 are listed below.

TRPA File Number Subject APN(s)

  • 5568 North Lake Bouelvard, Carnelian Bay, CA (PREC2019-0477 | 116-220-049)
  • 6956 Pomin Avenue, Tahoma, CA (PREC2019-0482 | 098-210-002)
  • 8551 Meeks Bay Avenue, Meeks Bay, CA (PREC2019-0534 | 016-101-92)
  • 9101 State Highway 89, Rubicon Bay, CA (PREC2019-0578 | 016-131-07)
  • 1780 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, CA (PREC2019-0579 | 094-160-013)


The Shoreline Plan authorizes up to 1,486 new private moorings at Lake Tahoe, including buoys, boatlifts, and boat slips. Fifteen percent of that total will become available for permitting in 2020, with additional moorings available for permitting in following years. All existing moorings must be registered with and permitted by TRPA. Property owners will be required to renew their registration and pay the $43 annual registration fee annually. Property owners who are eligible to register and/or apply for a TRPA permit for an existing mooring in 2019 include those who have an existing permit with TRPA, a state or federal permit or lease, or proof of the mooring’s existence prior to 1972. The Shoreline Plan authorizes up to 1,486 new private moorings, 15 percent of which will be allocated on an annual basis. Applications for new moorings will begin in 2020. Private littoral parcels that are not part of a homeowners’ association will be allowed a maximum of two moorings.

BMP Requirements for Moorings
• Properties without a BMP Certificate are eligible to permit and register moorings in 2019
• BMP Certificate required to renew registration in 2020
• BMP Certificate required to apply for new moorings in 2020

Low Lake Level Adaptation
Under the new Shoreline Plan, TRPA may authorize additional permanent anchor blocks for moorings to accommodate low water levels. The following provisions apply for private lakefront property owners:
• One additional anchor block per littoral parcel is allowed, for a maximum of three anchor blocks per parcel
• Additional anchor blocks must be located lakeward of other legally existing buoys
• TRPA will begin accepting applications for low-lake level anchor blocks in 2020

Existing Buoy Limits for Single-Family Parcels
Lakefront (littoral) properties
• Two Buoy Max ‐ less than 50 feet of lake frontage
• Three Buoy Max ‐ 50 feet of lake frontage or greater
• State/Federal approval OR Pre‐1972

Non‐Littoral properties
• One buoy max
• State/Federal approval AND Pre‐1972

Visit the TRPA website for detailed information regarding the application process.