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With Lake Tahoe's elevation of 6229', our mountain region typically experiences mild summer weather. However, we aren't exempt from the occassional heat wave. When warmer temps come to town, we plan our leisure accordingly! With the vast variety of activities Tahoe has to offer, there are plenty of ways to stay cool, without missing out on any Tahoe activities you were planning. As locals, here is how we plan to beat the heat. Follow our tips and stay cool out there! 

Hike and Bike in the Early Morning or Late Evening

Don't want to miss out on your favorite trails? Plan to get your cardio activity in the cooler temps of the mornings and evenings. Then plan to spend mid-day at the lake, by the river, or relaxing in the shade.

Get on the Water

Whether you want to waterski, jetski, sail, stand-up paddleboard, kayak, or simply float around, Lake Tahoe is cool and refreshing. Our concierge is happy to assist in arranging boat and gear rentals during your stay. Or, find your spot on the Truckee River, where you can fish, float, find swim holes, or simply nestle into the shade.

Find Your Beach

Tahoe is surrounded by over 40 magnificent public beaches. Pack your picnic lunch and beach gear to make a day of it. Purchase inflatables at any local gas station or market and relax in the water enjoying the clear water and views of the Sierra Nevada mountains around you.

Return to a Cool Home

Due to our typically mild climate, many Tahoe homes do not have air conditioning. Follow these tips to keep your home cool during the day, so that you return to a comfortable setting. Closing windows and blinds during the day will trap in the evenings cool air and prevent the sun from warming the house while you are out.

  • Use the doors to & windows to create a cross breeze through the home
  • Open windows and doors in the mornings & evenings to cool the home
  • Close south facing blinds during the day
  • Close ground level windows and doors when the home is vacant to prevent wildlife from coming in
  • Leave top-floor windows open to allow hot air to escape the home
  • Place fans near windows to blow cool, dense, air into the warmer spaces