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IRONMAN Lake Tahoe, an event truly like no other, takes place this Sunday, September 20. Drivers will share the road with roughly 2,500 athletes as they simultaneously compete in either the half or full IRONMAN Lake Tahoe triathlon throughout the region — all while thousands supporters and spectators watch on from roadsides. 

To make your day most enjoyable, please be aware of the road closures listed below, and plan your travel accordingly. 

From 5am-10am, Highway 28 eastbound and westbound from Fox Street to Highway 267 in Kings Beach will be closed. There will be a detour up Fox Street and across Speckled Avenue to reach 267. From there, motorists can either go northbound toward Truckee or southbound to merge onto Highway 28 toward Tahoe City. 

From 7:30am-5:30pm, Highway 89 northbound from Fairway Drive in Tahoe City to the intersection of Squaw Valley Road and Highway 89 will be closed. To get to either Squaw or Truckee from the North Shore, drivers are advised to take Highway 267 north. 

From 8:30am-4:30pm, Highway 267 southbound from Highlands View Road near Northstar to Commonwealth Drive in Kings Beach will be closed. Drivers are advised to take Highway 89 south to access Lake Tahoe basin communities such as Kings Beach. 

Within the town of Truckee, several closures are also planned for September 20, including: 

From 8am-3pm, West River Street eastbound from Highway 89 to McIver Crossing will be closed. 

Continuing down West River, eastbound travel from McIver Crossing to Bridge Street will be closed between 9am-11:30am.

From 8am-3pm, vehicle traffic will not be allowed to cross the railroad tracks at Bridge Street. 

From 8am-3pm, Donner Pass Road eastbound from McIver Crossing to Glenshire Drive will be closed. Donner Pass Road westbound will remain open, allowing vehicle access to downtown Truckee. 

From 8am-3pm, Glenshire Drive eastbound from Donner Pass Road to the Truckee Legacy Trail will be closed. To enter Glenshire, drivers are advised to take Hirschdale Road. 

From 8:30am-3:30pm, Old Brockway Road eastbound from Palisades Drive to Highway 267 will be closed. Further, the southern side of the Martis Valley Road roundabout will be closed for the same timeframe; residential traffic is advised to use Palisades Drive to enter and exit that neighborhood. 

The general public can always flow in the opposite direction of the athletes without obstruction.

On race day, after a 2.4-mile swim at Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe, athletes will embark on a 112-mile bike trip with a two-loop circuit traveling from Kings Beach, Truckee and over Brockway Summit, before finishing at Squaw Valley. 

They then will run a 26.2-mile marathon run through Squaw and up to Tahoe, before eventually looping back to Squaw for the finish. 

Athletes will be traveling clockwise within the resort triangle. 

A detailed map of the course can be found here.