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Don’t let a little snow stop you from seeing the sights during your next visit! Get out your snowshoes or crampons and enjoy one of these winter hikes in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.

Eagle Rock

Stunning views and under one mile of hiking? Count us in! This ¾ mile heavily trafficked trail mile trail is steep, but leads up to some of the best panoramic views that North Lake Tahoe has to offer. Bring crampons to do this hike, as the trail can be slick in winter conditions. Stay nearby.

Spooner Lake Loop

The 2.5 mile trail around Spooner Lake is fairly flat, and offers a great opportunity to stretch the legs and take in some high alpine views. Looking for a bit more of a challenge? Make your way up to Marlette Lake, a reservoir that is situated about 2,000 feet above Lake Tahoe. The path climbs about 1,800 feet from Spooner Lake, and snowshoes are recommended due to high snow levels at elevation. Stay nearby.

Stateline Fire Lookout

Hike 1.5 miles up to this historic fire lookout above Crystal Bay. This former fire lookout boasts stunning views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding wilderness areas. This hike offers a great vantage point for a Tahoe sunset, as well as placards to educate visitors about the history and the flora and fauna found in the North Tahoe region. Stay nearby.

Donner Summit Train Tunnels

When conditions permit, drive west from Donner Lake and stop just before the Rainbow Bridge, where you’ll see a pullout and a trailhead for the Donner Summit Train Tunnels. If there are low snow levels, petroglyphs carved into the rocks at the trailhead may be visible. Once you hike past those, you’ll be rewarded with views of Donner Lake as well as a glimpse into history through the abandoned train tunnels and the China Wall, a retaining wall built by the Chinese laborers who constructed the tunnels in the 1860s. Today, the tunnels sport colorful graffiti done by artists from near and far. Stay nearby.

Chickadee Ridge

Want to feel like a Disney princess? Or just have a truly unique interaction with nature? Enjoy the 2 mile hike up to Chickadee Ridge from Mt. Rose Meadows. This trail gets its moniker from the tiny birds that alight on visitors’ hands given the chance. Bring up some birdseed and enjoy views of Lake Tahoe and the Toyaibe National Forest. Stay nearby.

Paige Meadows

This string of alpine meadows located just outside of Tahoe City is a popular area for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. A string of 5 alpine meadows make this hike ideal for enjoying Tahoe’s natural beauty. Snowshoes are recommended for this hike. Stay nearby.

Don’t let a little snow hinder your hiking plans this winter. We will see you out on the trails, enjoying some of these North Tahoe/Truckee winter hikes! Looking for more things to do? Check out our website for inspiration for your next Lake Tahoe vacation.