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January 2017 will go down in history for unbelievable amounts of snowfall. Now, at January 24th, we have received 271" of snow so far this month, according to Squaw Valley's snowfall tracker, and even more at Mt. Rose! In the past 45 years, our biggest month on record was March 2011 with 202" of snow. Record shattered! 

We won't say that all this snow didn't come with its fair share of challenges, but now that the dust has settled, the sun is out, and the roads are clear, Tahoe has never looked more beautiful. 

As a team, we put together a collection of our personal photos to share just exactly what it is like to live in all this snow. It takes a little work to dig out your car (and your house!) and to figure out where to put all the snow. But once the chores are done, it is time to go play in this magical winter wonderland that is our backyard! 

Enjoy our photos!