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The Truckee River Legacy Trail is one of the easiest to access, family friendly, hiking, running, biking, and strolling trails. Running alongside the Truckee River through the town of Truckee, the trail connects the Truckee Regional Park to the Riverview Sports Park. This means access to all kinds of cool things to do outside!

Truckee Regional Park features a great play area for kids, tennis courts, a skatepark, picnic areas and a disc golf course, plus an ice skating rink in the winter. The Riverview Sports Park is home to a world-class bike park, which is open in late spring through fall, as well as a playground and bocce ball court. The Legacy Trail, which winds alongside the river, is a wonderful way to connect to both. Start at either end and go for a run or walk beside the lovely sounds of the babbling river beneath.  Or, take the family to the park and walk a segment of the trail, for an easy outdoor afternoon activity for all.

The Legacy Trail is paved and wide enough for a few lanes of people. This makes it great for jogging, exercising, walking with the whole family, or even walking the dog. What makes this path so special is our appreciation for the Truckee River. The first humans to live along the river, 10,000 years ago, relied on the Truckee River as a source for fishing. In the late 19th century, the river was discovered to be so pure that ice was harvested from frozen ponds along the Truckee and shipped all over the country. Today, there are many groups who work to keep the purity and special legacy of our river intact. A few signs can even be seen along the Legacy Trail providing history of the river.

For those with just a little time to sightsee, one particularly easy access point to see the river and join the Legacy Trail is the bridge off East River Street. On a cool day, it’s great to grab a coffee from one of the many local hotspots in Truckee (try Dark Horse, which is right around the corner), and head to the river. Visitors can park off East River Street and access the bridge, which connects to the path. A great view is offered here from the bridge, with the beautiful Truckee River flowing below and the majestic mountains in the distance. This is also a great time to see a fabulous sunset. 

The Truckee River Legacy Trail is just one more thing we love about the Tahoe and Truckee area. With its endless offerings for outside fun and fitness for all, take a walk and let the sounds and sights of nature soothe you.

Download a complete guide to the Truckee Legacy Trail here.

P.S. Here’s a little tip about accessing Truckee! The town of Truckee is accessible via Highway 89 or Highway 267. Both offer a beautiful and scenic drive, but taking 267 is much closer access for those in Incline Village or at Northstar. If you’ve been to Truckee before, try changing it up and taking the other highway this time!