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Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and just a short getway from our nearby urban centers, Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland that invites you to escape to the fresh mountain air. With our stunning alpine scenery and a plethora of activities, plus a packed event calendar, a burgeoning artist scene and vibrant array of exceptional culinary experiences, there's a reason why we live here. And while we can spend our lifetime exploring the area, the ease of access allows for quick trips to pack in the fun. Now that we are offering two-night stays, for those that just need a dose of Tahoe in between reality, we created a guide to help you make the most out of your 48-hour winter getaway, so your trip will be brimming with family fun and adventure.

Day 1: Snowy Adventures and Village Exploration

Morning: Family Skiing at Northstar California Resort
Kick off your North Lake Tahoe adventure at Northstar California Resort. Known for its family-friendly ski slopes and top-notch ski schools, it's the ideal place for both beginners and experienced skiers. 
Lunch: Fireside Dining at the Ritz-Carlton located in the middle of the ski resort! Ski in and ski out to your slopeside dining at the Ritz! With fireside dining options at Manzanita or quick snack options on the patio, this is the perfect mid-day stop.
Afternoon: Ice Skating and S'mores
Post-lunch, enjoy ice skating in the heart of the village. The outdoor ice rink, surrounded by fire pits, is a magical place for families. Buy a s'mores kit and roast marshmallows while sipping hot cocoa around the fire. 
Evening: Relax in your Mountain Cabin
End your day by settling into your mountain cabin. Soak in the hot tub, play games by the fireplace or cuddle up for a movie to unwind. Those with extra energy may even be tempted to head out on a guided Nordic Twilight Tour!

Day 2: Snowshoeing and Lakeside Views

Morning: Snowshoeing at Tahoe Meadows
Begin your second day with a family snowshoeing adventure at Tahoe Meadows. This activity is great for all ages and offers a unique way to explore the winter landscape. Take the easy hike up Chickadee Ridge and be greeted by the chickadees who will come eat off your hand!
Lunch: Tunnel Creek Cafe
After your morning excursion, drive to Incline Village for lunch. Located at the start of the scenic East Shore Trail Tunnel Creek Cafe sits at the quiet edge of Incline Village and beautiful Lake Tahoe. With plenty of parking and space for dining customers this is the perfect place to warm up with some coffee, good tunes, and good food before a day of site-seeing …… or after a day of hitting the slopes.
Afternoon: Explore the East Shore Trail
Exploring Tahoe's East Shore Trail in winter is a mesmerizing experience, offering a unique perspective on the lake's famed crystal-clear waters and snow-covered landscapes. As you trek along this scenic pathway, the contrast of the azure lake against the pristine white snow creates a breathtaking panorama. The trail, known for its accessibility and gentle terrain, is ideal for a peaceful winter stroll to soak in the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe in its winter garb. If you're tired from your morning snowshoe adventures, the trail provides numerous spots to simply relax and take in the picturesque views and photo opportunities, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking the tranquil side of Tahoe's winter wonderland. 
Evening: Family Game Night
You've packed your calendar with two full days. But don't forget our vacation rentals are a treat in and of themselves. Enjoy quality time in the luxurious comforts of your vacation home and spend your last evening in pure relaxation.
A winter trip to North Lake Tahoe is a fantastic way to create lasting family memories. With a mix of outdoor adventure and cozy relaxation, there's something for everyone in this snowy paradise. 
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