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In Tahoe, with the winter chill comes a white winter wonderland. All of a sudden, the forest is blanketed with glistening white snow—quite a sight to see. But, snow on the ground can make for changing times for outdoor adventurers. While people put away their mountain bikes for winter, others break out the snowshoes and head to places like the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area. Skis, snowboards, and snow-shovels abound in front yards everywhere.

In the fresh chill of winter, there’s ice skating at places like the Northstar Village or great downhill skiing all over Tahoe, at places like Sugar Bowl Ski Resort or Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows. Winter is a time of curiosity and exploration; a time to try something new.

For adventurers looking for some winter fun off the beaten path, Tahoe has lots to offer. For the romantic, there’s always a fabulous sunrise or sunset to be seen over the lake. Bristlecone and Skylandia Beaches, respectively located just outside of Tahoe City, are peaceful and placid in winter, and are a great place to watch the sunset with a warm coffee in hand and little distraction around, as the summer crowds have dissipated.

tahoe sunset

For the avid hiker, try hiking up to the Tahoe Rim Trail from the trail-head on Ward Creek Road. In early winter, much of this hike is still free from snow. However, snowmelt will have started to flow downhill by this time, filling the creek and small canyons along this trail with gorgeous views of bubbling water and the soothing sound of it flowing along beside.

Don’t forget about the night sky, either. This is a wonderful time to head to Commons Beach in Tahoe City at night with a blanket and lay and watch the dazzling stars above. Since the sun sets so early in winter, you’ll still have time to grab dinner or drinks at Christy Hill afterwards.

For the crafty, we love the idea of bringing Tahoe into your home. Gathered pinecones from an evening walk can be arranged into a bowl as a centerpiece, or decorated and made into Christmas ornaments. It’s a great way to spend time crafting at home on those chilly nights we don’t want to be outside. Grab a bottle of wine from Sips in Tahoe City and make it an evening to remember with loved ones.

And for the fitness buff, remember that many local gyms and fitness centers are excited to help you get in shape for ski season. So on those chilly winter nights where it’s just too cold to hang on the deck, grab a buddy and go train your core, or tone your legs, making shredding the slopes on the next sunny day that much more rewarding.

Winter is a time to try something new. Try that new recipe that’s been waiting for you, or take a hike you’ve always wondered about. You never know what’s waiting for you just around the bend.

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