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Tahoe City is looking pretty scary these days with all the scarecrows, ghosts, and goblins hanging around town in preparation for Halloween. Our own scarecrow in a snow bank is decidedly less than frightening, unless you think about all the shoveling that might be happening this winter if El Nino hits! Be sure to cast...Read more
I ran across a piece in the Wall Street Journal about the luxury home market. Interesting to read how the high-end market in many parts of the country has been more vulnerable than lower price points. If you have kept up with some other postings of mine, you will know that Lake Tahoe's high-end market...Read more
We woke up this morning to a dusting of snow on the ground! Looks like Mother Nature is getting warmed up for winter, and so are we! Keep an eye out today for our Fall Newsletter highlighting some great deals on rentals this fall, as well as a run down of several local fall festivals...Read more
As suspected, the lakefront market did not demonstrate much health this season. Inventory climbed through much of the spring and early summer and then remained fairly stable throughout the balance of the summer months at about 60 single-family lakefront homes from Rubicon on the West Shore of California, to Brockway on the North Shore. 60...Read more
The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration has declared it official: the El Niño pattern seen so far this year will carry into this winter! After measuring sea surface temperatures, NOAA has determined that the currently weak El Niño weather pattern will strengthen over the next several months and hopefully deliver a big winter. The last...Read more