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Kayley Burger
As a Luxury Home Coordinator since 2023, Kayley maintains our homes to top notch standards, ensuring the best possible guest experience. California born and raised, Kayley grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains. After earning her AA in Digital Media and working in hospitality on luxury yachts, Kayley felt home in Tahoe, drawn by snowboarding, and surrounded by the lake and all of nature's beauty. Now, she combines her experience in photography, design, and arts with her years in hospitality, crafting guest experiences and keeping our homes looking fabulous!
Your perfect Tahoe summer day? Spending time at the lake or river.
If it snows 2 feet overnight, what is your ideal way to spend the day? Staying warm and cozy inside or going snowboarding
Favorite Tahoe beach? Sand Harbor 
What was your first concert? Panic at the Disco  
What is your dream vacation? Spending time on a beautiful beach
What is your motto? Follow your joy.