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The Olympic Valley Treetop Adventure Park includes beginning and intermediate aerial treks to accompany the vertical climbing elements. A total of 10 events/bridges and 6 short zip lines along with the traditional climbing events provide a variety of fun and challenging obstacles. This location is best described as a combination of an older ropes course with vertical climbing and a newer aerial adventure park with horizontal aerial trekking courses. Built into the hillside facing beautiful Shirley Canyon and the world famous peaks of Olympic Valley, the park allows participants to remain in close proximity while climbing and trekking through the various courses. The park can be a great tool for energizing groups and constructing and improving bonds between participants. During the summer months the ropes course is open daily for use by adventurous individuals, families, and groups interested in climbing, aerial trekking, and zip lining.

  • 50’ Alpine Tower with newly added vertical climbing events
  • 16 Tree Platforms up to 35′ above ground
  • 6 Zip Lines ranging from 40′ to 150′ in length
  • 10 Events/Bridges, each one unique
  • Newly designed and added Leap of Faith event
  • Safety gear included. A full body harness and helmet will be supplied
  • Beginner & Intermediate courses